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Product benefits

UVA and UVB protection

Techniblock provides broad spectrum protection, filtering out both UVA and UVB rays.

Cansa approved

Techniblock has endured rigorous testing and proudly displays the CANSA seal of approval.

All day protection

Techniblock SPF50 provides 50 times your skin's natural SPF and will provide all-day protection for most skin types*. *Reapply every 2hours to ensure all-day protection.


Our ultra mist spray dries almost instantaneously on contact with the skin. As a result providing a non-greasy invisible layer of protection on the skin.

user reviews

unbelievable product!

” I absolutely love this product! I was very concerned with going darker when i spent extended periods of time in the sun. Techniblock stopped this process in it’s tracks.”

Patricia Rice, Limpopo

I would highly recommend this product.

” Whether i am hiking, mountain biking or running on the beach i never leave home without Techniblock. I take comfort knowing that Oxybenzone has been removed in the new formula and my sun protection is not detrimental to the environment.”

James Young, Cape Town

Techniblock ingredients are high quality.

” Being an avid outdoorsman, i love technical products, and Techniblock has the highest quality ingredients i have found in sun protection. “

Alan Bates, Gauteng
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