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Brand Heritage

Techniblock Brand Heritage

Techniblock Sunscreen is proudly manufactured in South Africa. As a result we have a rich heritage in sun care. In 1990 Techniblock pioneered the development of the aerosol sunscreen spray. Our focus is protecting the skins of all South Africans. For this reason, we encourage quality family time spent actively outdoors

Sun Protection is an important part of enjoying  lifestyle sports such as golf, swimming, running, cycling, and angling. Therefore make sure you are protected when going outdoors. Techniblock is suitable for the whole family, no matter what your choice of lifestyle activity.
Formulated in the European Union, Techniblock is environmentally friendly, and carries the CANSA smart choice approval.
Girls wearing sunscreen going surfing
Techniblock ensures that you are protected against painful sunburn and the aging effects of the South African sun.
Sunscreen contributes to the prevention of melanoma (skin cancer), which allows you to enjoy our countries enviable climate.
The Techniblock product features that will help you #BEATTHESUN:
  • Continuous convenient Sprays for ease of application.

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 50 for extended protection.

  • Non-Greasy lotions, anti-aging face creams, and aerosol sprays.

  • Water Resistant.

  • Easily penetrates through body hair.

  • EU Formulated.

  • Oxybenzone free.

  • Octinoxate Free.

  • Proudly South African.

  • Environmentally Friendly.

  • The Techniblock range is designed and manufactured by Technikon Laboratories, in its own SOUTH AFRICAN world-class Pharmaceutical Facility (more info on the facility at

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